June 29, 2015

Privacy Statement

Wall Law Website Full Privacy Statement

This policy applies to visitors of this website (www.wallatlaw.com).  Wall Law LLC, is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors who visit our website by being fair and transparent with visitors.  This Privacy Statement describes Wall Law’s privacy practices in relation to the use of our website and applies to this website only.  This statement does not apply to communications between you and any attorney employed by Wall Law or any legal services provided by the firm.

Wall Law Privacy Statement

The Information that we Collect

Wall Law uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses both session-based and permanent cookies to collect information about how our website performs and how our visitors are tracked on the website.  Such information may include your ip address, characteristics of your system, and other information that is not linked to your name or identity.  For more information about Google’s privacy policy, click here.

Like any website on the internet, semi-unique characteristics of your browsing device are visible to us.  Such information impossible to completely block, because it is part of the basic protocol underlying the function of web browsers according to common internet standards.  Such information may include your system fonts, system language, the resolution of your display, your operating system, the plug ins that you install and other information that could be compiled to create a profile semi-unique to you.  Although this information is visible to our web server, we do not collect or store this information.  To see an approximation of your digital fingerprint, click here: https://panopticlick.eff.org/.

Because Wall Law does not request user profiles on this web site, we do not know the names and email addresses of visitors, or other information that could be linked to any of the aforementioned collected information.

How We Use the Information that We Collect

The Google Analytics tool helps us evaluate and monitor visitors’ use of our website, compile statistical reports on activity on the website, and improve our content. Google Analytics may use information from cookies serve you more relevant advertisements or promotional offers from Google’s partners.  Google Analytics stores the information that these cookies collect, Wall Law does not.  Wall Law’s purpose in using Google Analytics and allowing them to use cookies is to gain information to better understand our visitors’ use our website in order to offer more interesting content.  Wall Law does not derive revenue from advertisement, and uses these services merely to track visitor engagement.  We use Google Analytics to understand very general information about the frequency of visits, rough geographic location of visitors, the relative popularity of articles, and other non-identifying statistics.  Wall Law does not enable advanced features of Google Analytics such as “Advertising Features.”

How we Share the Information We Collect

Wall Law will not allow any third party to have access to the information compiled by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides further information about its own privacy practices and allows the ability to opt out of Google Analytics tracking here.

We do not share any information about web site visitors with any other party except Google Analytics.

You may disable your browser or device’s ability to accept cookies, and this will have zero effect upon your browsing experience at this website.  For more information on disabling cookies in various browsers and on various devices, click here.

You may wish to download and install the Privacy Badger extension to your browser (https://www.eff.org/privacybadger).  This extension, offered for most major browsers, is published by a nonprofit called the Electronic Frontier Foundation and will provide you with information and control over what information is shared with websites that you visit and third parties who may be connected to those websites. You may wish to allow advertising on websites that you trust, in order to support them with ad revenue.

You may wish to install and use any ad-blocking software or extensions in order to share as much or as little information as you desire.  One such suggestion is Ad Blocker, https://adblockplus.org/.  As with Privacy Badger, you may wish to enable advertisements on some websites so that your visit will support advertising revenue and support the site that you are visiting.

Wall Law makes no specific representations or warranties with respect to Privacy Badger or Adblock Plus.

Wall Law receives no revenue from advertising and does not care whether or not you enable ad blockers while visiting this site.

We Do Not Willingly Submit To Requests For Your Personal Information From Any Governmental Authority Because We Do Not Retain Information About Individual Visitors

Wall Law does not retain any personal information regarding visitors to this website.  To the extent that Wall Law may be requested to disclose visitors’ personal information under the mistaken belief by the requester that this website retains said information, whether the request takes the form of an information question, a subpoena, an agency letter, court order other document, we will make all legal efforts to prevent such disclosure.  Because we do not have the names and contact information of the web visitors who view our site, we have no ability to inform you if were were to receive such a request.

“Do Not Track” Requests

At this time, our services do not function differently based on a user’s Do Not Track signal.  Many browsers come equipped with a “Do Not Track” setting.  Google Analytics and many other websites and services do not honor these requests from browsers, and use of such feature will have no effect upon whether Google Analytics tracks your visit.  If it is important to you, you may download and install a tool, published by Google, that will force Google Analytics to comply with a DNT signal.  The tool is available here:  https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Wall Law may change its Privacy Statement from time to time.  We will provide notification to visitors through an update to the blog and indication of the draft date of this notice, below.

Questions Regarding Your Privacy

Questions regarding Wall Law’s Privacy Statement or information practices should be directed to info@wallatlaw.com.  Residents of California, the European Union may reach the Wall Law’s data protection officer through the same email address.  Questions regarding data privacy may also be mailed to ATTN: DPO, Wall Law, 650 NE Holladay St., Suite 1600, Portland, OR 97232.

This statement was last updated on May 20, 2016.

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